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Tame Your Anxiety with Selma Lewis
in a 30 minute webinar:

Less Stress and Greater Ease, now!

“Imagine the calmer you, the inner you that knows life can be better…”
- Selma Lewis

Anyone who suffers from stress and anxiety understands how it adds difficulty to everyday life.

➔ Wastes energy.
➔ Hard to focus.
➔ Diminished self-confidence.
➔ Inability to sleep deeply.
➔ Emotional rollercoasters.
➔ Poor relationships.

During this event, Selma Lewis (PhD), a trained psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist— will guide you with some experiential exercises that will help you:

✓ Relax faster— anywhere and anytime.
✓ Reduce any negative thoughts and feelings coming from yourself and others.
✓ Increase your productivity and confidence.
✓ Recharge your mental and emotional energies!
✓ Focus on what is meaningful and fulfilling in your life.

Over the decades of working with 1000s of patients, Selma has been repeatedly impressed at how quickly the simplest mind techniques and practices can almost instantly calm fears, reduce anxieties, and instilling a sense of lasting calm, peace, and confidence— she’ll share some of them with you in this webinar:

What Will Be Covered

● Experience some simple and powerful techniques to reduce your anxiety— once learned, they are yours for life!
● Be guided through a trance to help you relax faster and recharge your mental and emotional energies— you’ll feel it immediately!

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