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About Selma

Selma Lewis, Ph.D. is a seeker and a healer. She has studied and practiced health and healing arts from many cultures and ages. First and foremost, she is well-trained in psychotherapy with a Ph.D. in counseling psychotherapy from USC. She specializes in hypnotherapy because it is effective and creates rapid change.

Selma has studied and practiced:
  • Eastern philosophy and spirituality including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Hypnosis and trance states
  • The wisdom and healing practices of indigenous peoples of the world
  • Brain science and neurobiology
  • Treating addictions
  • Gerontology and the aging process

She serves clients with downloadable short tracks on topics like anxiety, insomnia, emotional eating, quitting smoking, meditation, mindfulness, and pre- and post-surgery. These provide practical exercises using imagery to help change your unwanted behaviors.

Selma has also learned patience, child development, family dynamics and compassion while raising three fabulous men. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with offices in San Rafael and Los Angeles, CA.

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